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Publications of Robert McMillan

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  • Robert McMillan and Patrick Bayer, Distinguishing Racial Preferences in the Housing Market: Theory and Evidence, to be published by Hedonic Methods in Housing Markets, eds. Baranzini et al. Springer: Geneva.



  • Patrick Bayer, Fernando Ferreira, Robert McMillan, "A Unified Framework for Measuring Preferences for Schools and Neighborhoods", Journal of Political Economy 115 (4) (2007), 588–638.
  • Robert McMillan, Patrick Bayer, Fernando Ferreira, "A Unified Approach to Measuring Preferences for School and Neighborhood Attributes", Journal of Political Economy 115 (4) (2007), 588–638.


  • Robert McMillan, "Competition, Incentives, and Public School Productivity", Journal of Public Economics 89 (2005), 1131–1154.


  • Patrick Bayer, Robert McMillan, Kim Rueben, "What Drives Racial Segregation? Evidence from the San Francisco Bay Area Using Micro-Census Data", Journal of Urban Economics 56 (3) (2004), 514–535.