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Publications of Jonathan P. Beauchamp

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  • Jonathan P. Beauchamp with Cornelius A. Rietveld, Sarah E. Medland, Jaime Derringer, et al., "GWAS of 126,559 Individuals Identifies Genetic Variants Associated with Educational Attainment", Science 340 (6139) (2013), 1467–1471.
  • Christopher F. Chabris, James J. Lee, Daniel J. Benjamin, Jonathan P. Beauchamp, Edward L. Glaeser, Gregoire Borst, Steven Pinker, David I. Laibson, "Why Is It Hard to Find Genes that are Associated with Social Science Traits? Theoretical and Empirical Considerations", American Journal of Public Health 103 (S1) (2013), S152–S166.


  • Jonathan P. Beauchamp with Daniel J. Benjamin, David Cesarini, Christopher F. Chabris, et al., "The Promises and Pitfalls of Genoeconomics", Annual Review of Economics 4 (2012), 627–662.
  • Jonathan P. Beauchamp with Christopher F. Chabris, Benjamin M. Hebert, Daniel J. Benjamin, et al., "Most Published Genetic Associations with General Cognitive Ability Are False Positives", Psychological Science 23 (11) (2012), 1314–1323.