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Publications of Murat Celik
Murat Celik, "Creative Destruction, Finance, and Firm Dynamics", in The Economics of Creative Destruction (edited by Ufuk Akcigit and John Van Reenen), Harvard University Press, 2023, 611–637.
Murat Celik, "Does the Cream Always Rise to the Top? The Misallocation of Talent in Innovation", Journal of Monetary Economics 133 (2023), 105–128. (Freely available.)
Murat Celik and Xu Tian, "Agency Frictions, Managerial Compensation, and Disruptive Innovations", Review of Economic Dynamics 51 (2023), 16–38. (Freely available.)
Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit, Murat Celik, "Radical and Incremental Innovation: The Roles of Firms, Managers, and Innovators", American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 14 (3) (2022), 199–249. (Freely available.)
Murat Celik, Xu Tian, Wenyu Wang, "Acquiring Innovation Under Information Frictions", Review of Financial Studies 35 (10) (2022), 4474–4517. (Freely available.)
Laurent Cavenaile, Murat Celik, Xu Tian, "The Dynamic Effects of Antitrust Policy on Growth and Welfare", Journal of Monetary Economics 121 (2021), 42–59. (Freely available.)
Ufuk Akcigit, Murat Celik, Jeremy Greenwood, "Buy, Keep, or Sell: Economic Growth and the Market for Ideas", Econometrica 84 (3) (2016), 943–984. (Freely available.)
Last updated on November 13, 2023