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Publications of Kunal Dasgupta

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  • Bernardo Blum, Sebastian Claro, Kunal Dasgupta, Ignatius Horstmann, "Inventory Management, Product Quality and Cross-Country Income Differences", American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming.
  • Kunal Dasgupta and Jordi Mondria, "Inattentive Importers", Journal of International Economics, forthcoming.
  • Kunal Dasgupta and Jordi Mondria, "Quality Uncertainty and Intermediation in International Trade", European Economic Review, forthcoming.


  • Kunal Dasgupta, "The Missing Middle in Developing Countries Revisited", Indian Growth and Development Review 9 (1) (2016), 32–52.


  • Kunal Dasgupta, "Learning and Knowledge Diffusion in a Global Economy", Journal of International Economics 87 (2) (2012), 323–336.