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Jon S. Cohen

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. (Berkeley, 1966), M.A. (Berkeley, 1964), B.A. (Columbia College, 1960)
Email address:
Personal website: http://homes.chass.utoronto.ca/~econra/faculty/cohen/
Research fields: History of economic thought, Economic history

Selected research

  • Michelle Alexopoulos and Jon S. Cohen, "Centralized Wage Bargaining and Structural Change in Sweden", European Review of Economic History 7 (3) (2003), 331–366.
  • Jon S. Cohen and Giovanni Federico, The Growth of the Italian Economy 1820-1960, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K., 2001.
  • Jon S. Cohen and Francesco Galassi, "Costi informativi e problemi di gestione nelle banche cooperative: il caso delle casse rurali italiane, 1883-1926", Cooperazione di credito 152/3 (1996), 327–352.
  • Jon S. Cohen, "Institutions and economic analysis", in Economics and the historian (edited by Rawski, T.G.), University of California Press, 1996, 60–84.
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Courses taught 2022–2023

  • Fall

  • ECO341H1F, section L0101 (St. George) • The Economic History of the 20th Century: Trade, Migration, Money and Finance before 1945 • T10-12, W1 • WI 1017