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Academic excellence recognized in the department's undergraduates as scholarships are awarded
December 5, 2018

2017-18 Undergrad awards group photo

Some 26 awards were made to outstanding students at the awards reception held on Friday, November 30, 2018, which was attended by current faculty members, donors and friends and family of the students. Donors who were able attend were: Professor Emeritus Jack Carr and his wife, Honey; Professor Don Dewees; and Dorothy Wolfson. Unfortunately, Bill Wolfson and Ushi Chaudhry were unable to attend: and we wish them both a speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing them hale and hearty next year.

Introducing the event, Associate Undergraduate Chair Professor Gillian Hamilton, noted the generosity of our donors. They have enabled us to accumulate an endowment in the order of $600,000, which allows us to award $25,000 each year to our best and brightest students.

As we heard a little about each student's interests, both economics and personal, we also made some discoveries – there is for example, such a thing as "math rock" (this from a fan of a Japanese band called Toe. For the inquisitive, we are happy to provide a link to YouTube in order that you may satisfy your curiosity). Another student has been acting as a research assistant looking at polio eradication strategies in India; another is a member of Victoria College choir, who would likely get along famously with the enthusiast who loves watching musicals or perhaps the pianist. Many of these award winners have also acted as peer mentors at the department's Study Centre - one specifically mentioned that she had initially found math very challenging but gradually became "less scared and more interested" and is now pursuing an economics and mathematics specialist. Not only do these terrific scholars have wide and varied interests beyond the academics at which they excel, but are keen to share their knowledge and experience with those coming along behind them.

Department chair Professor Ettore Damiano was on hand to present our winners with their framed certificates, and happily we had a photographer present to record these well-deserved awards - take a look at the album below for some photos. More details on each of the awards can be found on the undergraduate scholarships page of our website.

Undergraduate Awards for Academic Excellence 2017-2018