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January 11, 2018
Professor Brandt's co-authored article on market liberalization is published

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Loren Brandt
Professor Loren Brandt
December 2017 saw the publication on VoxChina of "Trade Liberalization and the Performance of China’s Manufacturing Sector" (with Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Luhang Wang and Yifan Zhang).

In 2010, China displaced the US as the world’s largest manufacturing country. Experts typically cite expanded access to international markets and high rates of investment as the chief reasons for the rapid growth in this sector. Often neglected in these accounts, however, is the role of a rapidly expanding domestic market, as well as impressive productivity growth over much of the 1990s and 2000s before the onset of the Great Recession (Brandt, Van Biesebroeck, and Zhang, 2012). Drawing on firm-level data covering most of China’s manufacturing sector an examination is made of the effect of trade liberalization on firm-level markups and productivity over a period that spans China’s entry into the World Trade Organization.

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