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August 9, 2017

MFE Graduates Tie the Knot!

On July 29, two graduates of the MFE program were married at Toronto's Casa Loma.

Both alumni of Trinity College, Jiaqi Lu (Hons. BSc, 2012, Financial Economics specialist) and Donald Fu (Hons. BSc 2010, Human Biology specialist) first met at a U of T student karaoke event when they were undergraduates and have been together ever since.

Donald went on to complete an MSc in physiology, also at U of T, in 2012 and subsequently managed a neuroscience laboratory. Jiaqi signed up for the Master of Financial Economics program and during her studies enthused to Donald about her experiences, from course content to networking and other event opportunities such as guest speakers. Donald clearly knows a good thing when he hears it, and joined the MFE at the next opportunity.

Husband and wife both work in Toronto. Jiaqi is an associate in the Financial Markets Rotational Program at National Bank, and Donald an associate with Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.

Obviously, their mutual interest in financial economics can only enhance their relationship going forward. That, and the fact that they are still enthusiastic singers - they performed together at their reception!

We are delighted to offer our congratulations to the happy couple!

Donald Fu and Jiaqi Lu
Donald Fu and Jiaqi Lu