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General Papers

A belief-based theory of homophily Abstract Paper
Willemien Kets*, Alvaro Sandroni
Awareness of Unawareness: A Theory of Decision Making in the Face of Ignorance Abstract Paper
Edi Karni, Marie-Louise Viero*
Bilateral Trading in Divisible Double Auctions Abstract Paper
Songzi Du*, Haoxiang Zhu
Blackwell's Informativeness Ranking with Uncertainty Averse Preferences Abstract Paper
Jian Li*, Junjie Zhou
Can Mechanism Designers Exploit Buyers' Market Information Abstract Paper
Michael Peters*
Collapsing Confidence: Dynamic Trading with Developing Adverse Selection Abstract Paper
Ilwoo Hwang*
Competing Mechanism Design with Frictions Abstract Paper
Seungjin Han*
Continuous Cardinal Incentive Compatible Mechanisms are Ordinal Abstract Paper
Dipjyoti Majumdar*, Lars Ehlers, Debasis Mishra, Arunava Sen
Contracting with Private Rewards Abstract Paper
Rene Kirkegaard*
Disagreement, Information, and Welfare Abstract Paper
Jernej Copic*
Dynamic Agenda Setting Abstract Paper
Ying Chen*, Hulya Eraslan
Dynamic Bidding in Second Price Auction Abstract Paper
Hugo Hopenhayn*, Maryam Saeedi
Efficient Bilateral Trade Abstract Paper
Rodney Garratt, Marek Pycia*
Effort-maximizing contests Abstract Paper
Wojciech Olszewski*, Ron Siegel
Evaluating Allocations of Freedom Abstract Paper
Itai Sher*
Generalized Sampling Equilibrium Abstract Paper
Joshua Scottt Cherry*, Yuval Salant
Hide or Surprise? Persuasion without Common-Support Priors Abstract Paper
Simone Galperti*
Mechanism Design by an Informed Seller Abstract Paper
Xin Zhao*
On Information Choice and Diversity: the Role of Strategic Complementarities Abstract Paper
Catherine Gendon-Saulnier, Sidartha Gordon*
Optimal Taxation with Non-sophisticated Agents Abstract Paper
Pei Cheng Yu*
Persuasion of a Privately Informed Receiver Abstract Paper
Anton Kolotilin*, Ming Li, Tymofiy Mylovanov, Andriy Zapechelnyuk
Policy Complexity Abstract Paper
Hongyi Li*, Keiichi Kawai
Psychological Persuasion Abstract Paper
Laurent Mathevet*, Elliot Lipnowski
Random Choice and Private Information Abstract Paper
Jay Lu*
Reducing Free-riding in Dynamic Contribution Games Abstract Paper
George Georgiadis*, Jaksa Cvitanic
Revealed preferences over risk and uncertainty Abstract Paper
John K.-H. Quah, Matthew Polisson*, Ludovic Renou
Revenue Management Without Commitment Abstract Paper
Fei Li*, Francesc Dilme
Stationary Cardinal Utility Abstract Paper
Asen Kochov*
The Dilemma of the Cypress and the Oak Tree Abstract Paper
David Rahman*
The price of `One Person, One Vote' Abstract Paper
Yaron Azrieli*
Time Horizons, Lattice Structures, and Welfare in Multi-period Matching Markets Abstract Paper
Sangram V. Kadam, Maciej H. Kotowski*
Two-sided investments and matching with multi-dimensional cost types and attributes Abstract Paper
Deniz Dizdar*
Welfare Criteria from Choice: the Sequential Solution Abstract Paper
Sean Horan*, Yves Sprumont

*Presenter of paper