Transportation.  (1) The London airport has direct United flights to Chicago and New York; direct Air Canada flights to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal; and direct WestJet flights to Winnipeg and Calgary.  (2) Rental cars are available from the Toronto airport (1.75 hours) and Detroit airport (2.50 hours plus border).  (3) Robert Q airbus provides direct limo service from the Toronto and Detroit airports.  (4) Via Rail operates direct passenger trains from Toronto and Windsor with connections to Ottawa and Montreal.

Conference Venue.  The Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre is a first-class conference centre located in a large park-like setting within London.  The meeting rooms are excellent and the food scrumptious.  A full assortment of fruit, juices, caffeinated beverages, muffins, and breads will be available throughout the day to all participants.  This can suffice for breakfast (though a full breakfast is also available in the conference-centre restaurant).

Guest rooms and lunch.  Guest rooms (reservations link) at the conference centre cost $101 per night (plus 13% HST and gratuity).   With luck, reservations can still be made.  Every day the conference centre restaurant offers a very substantial buffet lunch.  It costs $23 (plus HST and gratuity), whether or not you are staying in the conference centre.

Dinners and Socializing.  Saturday night is the conference dinner at Bertoldi's, a local Italian restaurant.  Thursday and Friday nights are on your own and at your own expense.  One good option is the conference-centre restaurant (open until 8pm) and bar (open until 11pm), complete with their pool table, outdoor patio, and firepit.  Other good options are on this list of local restaurants and bars.