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General papers

A mechanism-design approach to property rights Abstract Paper
Piotr Dworczak, Ellen Muir*
Acceptance Deadlines and Job Offer Design Abstract Paper
Xin Zhao*, Changying Li
Community Enforcement with Endogenous Records Abstract Paper
Harry PEI*
Competitive Information Acquisition Abstract
Dimitri Migrow, Sergei Severinov*
Countering Price Discrimination with Buyer Information Abstract Paper
Philipp Strack, Kai Hao Yang*
Dynamic Evidence Disclosure: Delay the Good to Accelerate the Bad Abstract Paper
Jan Knoepfle*, Julia Salmi
Dynamic Network Influence: The Art of Strategic Messaging Abstract Paper
Wei Li*, Xu Tan
Free-riding and Unequal Pay in Symmetric Teams Abstract Paper
Huseyin Yildirim*
Indirect Persuasion Abstract Paper
Rahul Deb, Mallesh Pai, Maher Said*
Inference from Selectively Disclosed Data Abstract Paper
Ying Gao*
Learning from Viral Content Abstract Paper
Krishna Dasaratha, Kevin He*
Monitoring Team Members: Information Waste and the Transparency Trap Abstract Paper
Matteo Camboni*, Michael Porcellacchia
Multidimensional Screening with Rich Consumer Data Abstract
Mira Frick, Ryota Iijima, Yuhta Ishii*
Optimal Security Design for Risk-Averse Investors Abstract Paper
Alex Gershkov, Benny Moldovanu, Philipp Strack, Mengxi Zhang*
Optimal testing in disclosure games Abstract Paper
Helene Mass*, Avi Lichtig
Order Statistics of Large Samples: Theory and an Application to Robust Auction Design Abstract Paper
Wei He, Jiangtao li, weijie zhong*
Persuasion and Matching: Optimal Productive Transport Abstract Paper
Anton Kolotilin*, Alexander Wolitzky, Roberto Corrao
Preference Regression Abstract Paper
Peter Philip Caradonna*
Rationally Inattentive Statistical Discrimination: Arrow Meets Phelps Abstract Paper
Federico Echenique, Anqi Li*
Robustly Optimal Income Taxation Abstract Paper
Maren Vairo*
Screening Knowledge Abstract Paper
Sulagna Dasgupta*
Search, Matching, and Online Platforms Abstract Paper
Yair Antler, Daniel Bird*, Daniel Fershtman
Signaling Good Faith Abstract Paper
Andrew McClellan, Daniel Rappoport*
Strategic Information Transmission in the Employment Relationship Abstract Paper
Andreas Blume, Inga Deimen*
Subversive Conversations Abstract Paper
Archishman Chakraborty*, Nemanja Antic, Rick Harbaugh
The Costly Wisdom of Inattentive Crowds Abstract
Alex Bloedel*, Ilya Segal
Undergraduate Course Allocation through Competitive Markets Abstract Paper
Alexey Kushnir*, Daniel Kornbluth
Unobserved Auctions Abstract Paper
Hao Li*, michael peters

*Presenter of paper