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Currency Order Flow and Macroeconomic Information Abstract Paper
Pasquale Della Corte, Dagfinn Rime, Lucio Sarno, Ilias Tsiakas*

General Papers

Feeding the Creatures: Borrowing and the Hard budget constraint- Ontario Municipalities in the 1930s Abstract Paper
Almos Thomas Tassonyi*
What determines a Nice Auction Page? Abstract Paper
Rafael Tenorio*, Gabriella Bucci


Social Security, Endogenous Retirement, and Intrahousehold Cooperation Abstract Paper
Giovanni Gallipoli, Laura Turner*


Central Bank Transparency: A Small Open Economy Abstract Paper
Hyuk Jae Rhee, Nurlan Turdaliev*

Public Economics

Carbon Emissions and Stock Returns: Evidence from Germany Abstract
Andreas Marcel Oestreich*, Ilias Tsiakas


Quality and Scope in International Networks Abstract Paper
Mengxiao Liu*, Nathan Nunn, Daniel Trefler
Roads and Trade: Evidence from the US Abstract Paper
Gilles Duranton, Peter Morrow*, Matthew Turner


Breakdown of the market for developable land around a stochastic city with public goods Abstract Paper
Coen Teulings, Wouter Vermeulen*
Speed Abstract Paper
Matthew Turner*, Gilles Duranton, Victor Couture

*Presenter of paper