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Bayesian Econometric Workship

DSGE Models and VARMA Representation Abstract Paper
Alessia Paccagnini*, Raffaele Rossi
Marginal Likelihood for Markov-Switching and Change-Point Garch Models Abstract Paper
Luc Bauwens, Arnaud Dufays*, Jeroen Rombouts
Time Varying SVARs, parameter histories, and the changing impact of oil prices on the US economy Abstract Paper
Francesca Rondina*


Different Paths? Human Capital Prices, Wages and Inequality in Canada and the US Abstract
Audra Bowlus, Chris Robinson*
Gender Ratios at the top PhD programs in Economics Abstract Paper
Galina Hale*, Tali Regev


Currency Order Flow and Macroeconomic Information Abstract Paper
Pasquale Della Corte, Dagfinn Rime, Lucio Sarno, Ilias Tsiakas*


Childhood Obesity, Parents' Knowledge and Report Cards Abstract Paper
Heather Royer*, Silvia Prina


Central Bank Transparency: A Small Open Economy Abstract Paper
Hyuk Jae Rhee, Nurlan Turdaliev*


Credit Standards and Segregation Abstract Paper
Amine Ouazad*, Romain Ranciere
Downtown Parking and Traffic Congestion: A Diagrammatic Exposition Abstract Paper
Richard Arnott, Eren Inci*, John Rowse

*Presenter of paper