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Bayesian Econometric Workship

A New Multivariate Model with an Unknown Number of Change-points Abstract Paper
John Maheu, Yong Song*
Common Drifting Volatility in Large Bayesian VARs Abstract Paper
Andrea Carriero, Todd Clark*, Massimiliano Marcellino
Estimating a semiparametric asymmetric stochastic volatility model with Dirichlet process mixture Abstract Paper
Mark Justin Jensen*, John M Maheu
Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Abstract Paper
William James McCausland*, Shirley Miller, Denis Pelletier
The Hessian method for models with leverage-like effects Abstract Paper
Barnabe Djegnene*, William McCausland


Credit and Insurance for Human Capital Investments Abstract Paper
Lance Lochner*, Alexander Monge-Naranjo
University Quality and the Labour Market Outcomes of Canadian Youth Abstract Paper
Joniada Milla*


Testing and estimating sibling interaction effects in obesity: An extension of the sibling difference framework Abstract Paper
Angelo Melino*, Aloysius Siow


Birth Cohort and the Black-White Achievement Gap: The Role of Health Soon After Birth Abstract Paper
Kenneth Chay, Jon Guryan, Bhash Mazumder*


Aggregate Fluctuations, Consumer Credit and Bankruptcy Abstract Paper
David Eric Fieldhouse*, Igor Livshits, Jim MacGee
Short-Run Regional Forecasts: Spatial Models through Varying Cross-Sectional and Temporal Dimensions Abstract Paper
Matías Mayor Fernández, Roberto Patuelli*
The influence of Introducing the Taylor rule on the exchange rate in Iran Abstract Paper
Elham Gholami, Yeganeh Mousavi Jahromi*

Open Economy Macro

Cross-border Economic Activities, Human Capital and Efficiency: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis for OECD Countries Abstract Paper
Sucharita Ghosh, Camilla Mastromarco*

Public Economics

Does Diversity Divide? Provision of Public Goods and Soviet Emigration to Israel Abstract Paper
Alexander McQuoid*
Tax evasion: Is this a government fight, or can anyone join? Abstract Paper
Marcelo Arbex*, Enlinson Mattos
Trends in Top Income Shares in Canadian Cities Abstract
Brian Murphy, Michael Veall*


Capacity Constrained Exporters: Micro Evidence and Macro Implications Abstract Paper
JaeBin Ahn, Alexander McQuoid*
Quality Uncertainty and Intermediation in International Trade Abstract Paper
Kunal Dasgupta, Jordi Mondria*
Roads and Trade: Evidence from the US Abstract Paper
Gilles Duranton, Peter Morrow*, Matthew Turner


Crime, House Prices, and Inequality: The Effect of UPPs in Rio Abstract Paper
Benjamin Mandel*, Claudio Frischtak
Estimating Neighborhood Choice Models: Lessons from the Moving To Opportunity Experiment Abstract Paper
Sebastian Galiani, Alvin Murphy*, Juan Pantano
Paging Inspector Sands: The Costs of Public Information Abstract Paper
Sacha Kapoor, Arvind Nathan Magesan*

*Presenter of paper