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General papers

A Cooperative Theory of Market Segmentation by Consumers Abstract Paper
Nima Haghpanah*, Ron Siegel
A Quest for Knowledge Abstract Paper
Christoph Carnehl*, Johannes Schneider
A Rational Inattention Theory of Echo Chamber Abstract Paper
Lin Hu, Anqi Li, Xu Tan*
An Equilibrium Model of Experimentation on Networks Abstract Paper
Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn*, Simon Board
Bargaining with Mechanisms Abstract Paper
Marcin Peski*
Communication and Information Aggregation in Committees Abstract Paper
Gorkem Celik, Sergei Severinov*
Comparative statics with linear objectives Abstract Paper
Pawel Karol Dziewulski*, John K.-H. Quah
Costly Multidimensional Screening Abstract Paper
Frank Yang*
Data Collection by an Informed Seller Abstract Paper
Shota Ichihashi*, Alex Smolin
Deep Learning to Collude Abstract Paper
Clemens Possnig*
Dynamic Contracting with Flexible Monitoring Abstract Paper
Liang Dai, Yenan Wang, Ming Yang*
Euclidean Properties of Bayesian Updating Abstract Paper
Kyle Chauvin*
Information design in matching markets Abstract Paper
Sulagna Dasgupta*
Information Payoffs: An Interim Perspective Abstract Paper
Laura Doval*, Alex Smolin
Insurance and Inequality with Persistent Private Information Abstract Paper
Alex Bloedel*, R. Vijay Krishna, Oksana Leukhina
Learning in the Marriage Market: The Economics of Dating Abstract Paper
Yair Antler, Daniel Bird, Daniel Fershtman*
Multi-dimensional screening: buyer-optimal learning and informational robustness Abstract Paper
Rahul Deb, Anne-Katrin Roesler*
Optimal Disclosure of Private Information to Competitors Abstract Paper
Rosina Noel Rodriguez Olivera*
Optimal Recommender System Design Abstract Paper
Changhwa Lee*
Perfect Robust Implementation by Private Information Design Abstract Paper
Maxim Ivanov*
Persuading Communicating Voters Abstract Paper
Anastas P. Tenev*, Toygar T. Kerman
Private Private Information Abstract Paper
Kevin He*, Fedor Sandomirskiy, Omer Tamuz
Profitable Inequality Abstract Paper
Anja Prummer*, Francesco Nava
Robust Implementation in Rationalizable Strategies in General Mechanisms Abstract Paper
Takashi Kunimoto*, Rene Saran
Robust Implementation with Costly Information Abstract Paper
Harry PEI*, Bruno Strulovici
Setbacks, Shutdowns, and Overruns Abstract Paper
Felix Zhiyu Feng*, Curtis Taylor, Mark Westerfield, Feifan Zhang
Signalling in Dynamic Markets with Adverse Selection Abstract Paper
Braz Camargo*, Bruno Barsanetti
Stochastic Sequential Screening Abstract Paper
Hao Li, Xianwen Shi*
Subjective Causality in Choice Abstract Paper
Andrew Ellis, Heidi Christina Thysen*
The Limits of Ex Post Implementation without Transfers Abstract Paper
Tangren Feng*, Axel Niemeyer, Qinggong Wu
Updating uncertainty-averse preferences Abstract Paper
Jian Li*

*Presenter of paper