Department of Economics

Martin Burda






ECO374 Forecasting and Time Series Econometrics, Fall 2023


ECO466 Empirical Macroeconomics and Policy, Fall 2023


ECO1400 Econometrics (MA), Fall 2023


ECO2010 Mathematics and Statistics for PhD Students, Summer 2023

Prior to starting the course, students should review the following background material:

   - Chapters 1-7, 8.1-8.3, 10 of Eichhorn, W. and Gleissner, W. (2016)"Mathematics and Methodology

     for Economics", available online with UofT login;

   - Chapters 1-9, 13, 15-16 and Appendices A, B, C of Wooldridge, J. M. (2019) "Introductory Econometrics:

     a Modern Approach", (7th ed or earlier).

This material will not be examined in the course but its familiarity will be assumed.