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Bayesian Econometric Workship

Fat-Tailed Wishart Autoregressive Processes for Multivariate Stochastic Volatility with Jumps Abstract Paper
Roberto Leon-Gonzalez*


Credit and Insurance for Human Capital Investments Abstract Paper
Lance Lochner*, Alexander Monge-Naranjo


Fertility, child health, and the diffusion of electricity into the home Abstract Paper
Joshua Lewis*
The Time-Varying Relationship Between Mortality and Business Cycles in the U.S. Abstract Paper
Jean-Paul Lam*, Emmanuelle PiƩrard


Duration Dependence and Local Labor Market Conditions: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment Abstract Paper
Kory Kroft*, Fabian Lange, Matthew Notowodigdo
Premium Copayments and the Trade-off between Wages and Employer-Provided Health Insurance Abstract
Darren Lubotsky*, Craig Olson


Aggregate Fluctuations, Consumer Credit and Bankruptcy Abstract Paper
David Eric Fieldhouse*, Igor Livshits, Jim MacGee
Inflation Targeting, Price-Level Targeting, the Zero Lower Bound, and Indeterminacy Abstract Paper
Steven Ambler*, Jean-Paul Lam
Sovereign Defaults and Interest Rate Spread in the Presence of Self Control Problem Abstract
Li Li*


Quality and Scope in International Networks Abstract Paper
Mengxiao Liu*, Nathan Nunn, Daniel Trefler


Small Businesses, Federal Loans, and Local Employment Growth Abstract Paper
Yong Suk Lee*
Store size, variety and welfare Abstract Paper
Nicholas Li*
Would You Buy a Honda Made in the U.S.? The Impact of Production Location on Manufacturing Quality Abstract Paper
Nicola Lacetera*, Justin Sydnor

*Presenter of paper