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Bayesian Econometric Workship

Estimation and Inference for Impulse Response Weights From Strongly Persistent Processes Abstract Paper
Richard Baillie*, George Kapetanios
Improving Bayesian VAR density forecasts through autoregressive Wishart Stochastic Volatility Abstract Paper
Paul Karapanagiotidis*
Large Time-Varying Parameter VARs Abstract Paper
Gary Koop*, Dimitris Korobilis
Model averaging and variable selection in VAR-models Abstract Paper
Shutong Ding*, Sune Karlsson
Multivariate Versus Multinomial Probit: When are Binary Decisions Made Separately also Jointly Optimal? Abstract Paper
Dale J. Poirier*, Deven Kapadia
Propagation Mechanisms for Government Spending Shocks: A Bayesian Comparison Abstract Paper
Anna Kormilitsina, Sarah Zubairy*


Optimal Captial Structure and Growth Options in Mergers and Acquisitions Abstract Paper
Elettra Agliardi*, Amir Amel-Zadeh, Nicos Koussis

General Papers

The Importance of Transport Costs: Evidence from the Trans-Atlantic Iron Trade, 1870-1913. Abstract Paper
Kris Inwood*, Ian Keay


Duration Dependence and Local Labor Market Conditions: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment Abstract Paper
Kory Kroft*, Fabian Lange, Matthew Notowodigdo
Household Risk and Insurance over the Life Cycle Abstract Paper
Andres Erosa, Luisa Fuster, Gueorgui Kambourov*


Large Scale Asset Purchases: Impact on Commodity Prices and International Spillover Effects Abstract Paper
Sharon Kozicki, Eric Santor*, Lena Suchanek
The business cycle human capital accumulation nexus and its effect on labor supply volatility Abstract Paper
Diana Alessandrini*, Stephen Kosempel, Thanasis Stengos


Impact of Trade on Canada’s Employment, Skill and Wage Structure Abstract
Ram C Acharya*, Ryan Kelly
The Role of Manufacturing and Wholesale Aliates in Shaping the Geographic Organization of Multinational Firms: Theory and Evidence Abstract Paper
Leo Karasik*


Agglomeration Forces and Cluster Shapes Abstract Paper
William Kerr*, Scott D Kominers
Paging Inspector Sands: The Costs of Public Information Abstract Paper
Sacha Kapoor, Arvind Nathan Magesan*
Private Gains from Public University Research: The Case of Productivity Spillovers from Agricultural Experiment Stations Abstract Paper
Shawn Kantor, Alexander Whalley*
The Role of Small Firms in Urban Economic Development in a Polycentric City Abstract Paper
Steven G. Craig*, Janet E Kohlhase, Adam W Perdue

*Presenter of paper