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Bayesian Econometric Workship

Assessing the Importance of Learning in an Empirical Monetary Model for the US Abstract Paper
Eleonora Granziera*
Bayesian Doubly Adaptive Elastic-Net Lasso For VAR Shrinkage Abstract Paper
Deborah Gefang*
Forecasting with several macro models Abstract Paper
Gianni G Amisano*, John Geweke
Massively Parallel Sequential Monte Carlo for Bayesian Inference Abstract Paper
Garland Durham*, John Geweke
Rare Shocks, Great Recessions Abstract Paper
Vasco Curdia, Marco Del Negro*, Daniel Greenwald


Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) Status Amongst the Retired Population: An Analysis of the Incidence Abstract Paper
David Gray*, Ross Finnie


Birth Cohort and the Black-White Achievement Gap: The Role of Health Soon After Birth Abstract Paper
Kenneth Chay, Jon Guryan, Bhash Mazumder*
Social Security, Endogenous Retirement, and Intrahousehold Cooperation Abstract Paper
Giovanni Gallipoli, Laura Turner*


The Effect of Inflation Targeting: A Mean-Reverting Mirage? Abstract Paper
Petra Maria Geraats*
The influence of Introducing the Taylor rule on the exchange rate in Iran Abstract Paper
Elham Gholami, Yeganeh Mousavi Jahromi*

Open Economy Macro

Cross-border Economic Activities, Human Capital and Efficiency: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis for OECD Countries Abstract Paper
Sucharita Ghosh, Camilla Mastromarco*

Public Economics

E-Lections: Voting Behavior and the Internet Abstract Paper
Oliver Falck, Robert Gold, Stephan Heblich*


Cities in the Developing World Abstract
Edward Glaeser*
Estimating Neighborhood Choice Models: Lessons from the Moving To Opportunity Experiment Abstract Paper
Sebastian Galiani, Alvin Murphy*, Juan Pantano
Suburbanization and Highway Improvements: Evidence from Spanish Cities Abstract
Miquel-Angel Garcia-Lopez*, Adelheid Holl, Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal

*Presenter of paper