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BIBLIOGRAPHIES FOR ECO 301Y1 and ECO 303Y1: for 2009 - 2010

Observations, Notes, and Caveats

Updated on 13 August 2010

Bibliographies for the following topics in ECO 301Y1 and ECO 303Y1: are available in short and long formats, for both the 'A' and 'B' List topics.

Note that this academic year, 2010 - 2011 , only ECO 303Y: the Economic History of Modern Europe, to 1914 (World War I) is being offered. But last year's bibliographies for ECO 301Y (The Economic History of Later Medieval and Early Modern Europe, 1250 - 1750)retained on this website.

For each course, each year, 5 topics for the first term and another 5 topics for the second term are chosen to constitute that year's 'A' list. These 10 topics are drawn from the Master List of Topics for Essays and General Reading for each course: i.e., for ECO 301Y and for ECO 303Y , both listed on my Home Page .

For those topics a set of readings, most of them journal articles, drawn from the short-format bibliographies for each of the topics, will be provided for sale, via Scholar House Productions (including copyright fees).

The remaining topics, those not chosen for the 'A' list, are ipso facto topics on the residual 'B' list, whose bibliographies are usually not updated in that year. In the following year (when the course is given), some of the 'B' list topics will become 'A' list topics for that following year, with updated bibliographies and a related package of readings. Most if not all of the 'A' topics from the previous year will become 'B' list topics for that year.

Some Important Observations: