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BIBLIOGRAPHIES FOR ECO 303Y1: 'B'-LIST TOPICS for 2012 - 2013: Long Format

Topics in the Economic History of Modern Europe, to 1914

Updated 8 January 2013

These bibliographies are in the long-format only. Please see the general notes about bibliographies for undergraduate economic history courses. There are no course readers for the B-List Topics; and there is no guarantee that these topics will appear on the mid-year test or final examination.

The following topics are on the 'B'-list for 2012 - 2013; and some of them will be transferred to the 'A'-list for the following year (if this course is given again), when most of this year's 'A'-list topics will, conversely, become 'B'-list topics. Each year a different set of 10 topics, 5 topics for each of the two terms, is chosen from the Master List of essay topics, though with some occasional duplications, of the most important topics.

The numbers for these topics are those in the Topic Number in the Master List of Essay Topics for Eco. 303Y1. You should refer to this Master List for a more detailed discussion of the debates about and thus the significance of each of these major topics, in European economic history.

The bibliographies are presented in both PDF [default] and in MS Word. To retrieve them, click on the blue-highlighted topic number for the pdf version, and on the highlighted words 'Also in MS Word , for that version. In this long-format, the topic bibliographies are as complete as possible, with the readings listed chronologically in order of publication, grouped by subtopics; and each contains a long list of questions to be considered in reading these materials and in writing your essays. You are best advised to use the bibliography files in the pdf format, which is much clearer and more neatly set out; furthermore, the statistical tables can generally be read propertly only in the pdf format, since the conversion of my Word Perfect documents into MS Word often introduces formatting problems in the tables.

Note: These B-List Bibliographies have not been updated (except for no. 18) -- not since they were listed last year or in previous years as A-List topics. This is another negative feature of choosing a B-List topic.

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