[Columbia University, New York, USA]
Fall 1983
Room 1511/12, SIA
Mondays, 4 p.m.

19 September Roy Radner
Bell Laboratories
A New Productivity Incentive Mechanism for a Regulated Monopoly
26 September Janusz Ordover
Advances in Supervision Technology and Economic Welfare: A General Equilibrium Analysis
3 October Andreu Mas-Colell
Harvard University
Marginal Cost Pricing and Aggregate Production Efficiency: An Example
10 October Ariel Rubinstein
Hebrew University and NYU
The Choice of Conjectures in a Bargaining Game with Incomplete Information
17 October* Pamela Labadie
Columbia University
Asset Price Variability and Risk-Aversion in an Intergenerational Model
24 October Charles Wilson
Games of Timing: An Application to Oil Exploration
31 October Bengt Holmström
Yale University
Managerial Incentives: A Dynamic Perspective
7 November Holiday (Election Day)  
14 November* Heraklis Polemarchakis
Columbia University
Walrasian Indeterminacy and Macroeconomic Policy
21 November Eric Maskin
The Folk Theorem in Repeated Games with Discounting and with Incomplete Information
28 November Hugo Sonnenschein
Princeton University
General Equilibrium with Free Entry
5 December David Kreps
Harvard University
Stable Equilibria in Signalling Games

*NOTE: This meeting will be held in Room 501B, SIA.