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Advanced Economic Theory---Micro (Economics 326)

Results of experiment on Ultimatum Game, 2006-11-6

Procedure: Form handed out to half of class members, each of whom indicated how much she would offer, out of $10, to a responder. Forms collected and distributed to the other half of the class, each of whom indicated whether she would accept or reject the offer on her form. Two forms randomly selected and payments made to players involved.

Number of pairs: 17.

Amounts offered to responder: x = offer; * = rejected offer.

0 *
0.01 *
1.00 x*
3.00 xxx
4.00 xxx*
5.00 xxxx*
7.00 x

Number of offers rejected: 5 (29%)

Average amount proposed to be kept by proposer: $6.53 (65.3%)

Of accepted offers, average amount proposed to be kept by proposer: $5.92 (59%)