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Advanced Economic Theory---Micro (Economics 326)

Results of experiment on Ultimatum Game, 2005-11-14

Procedure: Form handed out to half of class members, each of whom indicated how much she would offer, out of $5, to a responder. Forms collected and distributed to the other half of the class, each of whom indicated whether she would accept or reject the offer on her form.

Number of pairs: 14.

Amounts offered to responder: x = offer; * = rejected offer.

0 x
0.25 *
1.00 xx**
1.50 x
2.00 x
2.50 xxxxxx

Number of offers rejected: 3 (21%)

Average amount kept by proposer: $3.38 (68%)

Of accepted offers, average amount proposed to be kept by proposer: $3.14 (63%)