Professor John Munro passed away on December 23, 2013. This site is maintained and kept online as an archive. For more infomation please visit the Centre for Medieval Studies

Professor (Emeritus) John H. Munro passed away December 23, 2013

Department of Economics,
University of Toronto
150 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3G7

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Last updated: 21 January 2013

The Globe and Mail: Canada's 'national' (but Toronto-based) daily newspaper.

Globe Campus: on Canadian university affairs

The Toronto Star

The National Post: Canada

Politics Canada: claims to be 'the nation's largest political website'.

The Guardian Unlimited: UK

The Weekly Observer on the Net: UK

The Times on-Line: the London Times and The Sunday Times: UK

The Financial Times of London

The Economist: UK

BBC News: World Edition: British Broadcasting Corporation.

CBC News: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CNN News online

CCN Politics.Com

The Christian Science Monitor

Rasmussen Reports: Current Events and Political Polling

AAEC: The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists

The New Yorker

Media Matters for America

The New York Times

The Washington Post

The Wall Street Journal

The San Francisco Chronicle

Time Magazine


MacLeans Magazine (Canada)

The Economists' Voice: ed. by Joseph Stiglitz and Brad De Long: from Berkeley Electronic Press

Anti-War: an American libertarian-conservative, anti-war and and anti-'neo-con' website

Iraq Body Count: for the latest estimates of the Iraqi death-toll.

Al-Jazeera: an Arab viewpoint, and perhaps the best-known Arabic news website.

DEBKA File: an Israeli (intelligence) viewpoint.

AlterNet: the Mix is the Message: anti-neo-conservative and anti-establishment

Reader Supported News : another American liberal newsblog

The Huffington Post: An American liberal newsblog

CounterPunch: a Political Newsletter: liberal, and very anti-neo-con, and anti-establishment

Democracy Now: an independent daily news program, especially important for its 'War & Peace Report'.

The Village Voice A New-York based anti-establishment newspaper.

The New American: another anti-neo-con, anti-establishment on-line news journal.

TruthOut: another vocal anti-neo-con, anti-establishment, anti-war on line news journal, well worth reading.

Truthdig: Drilling Between the Headlines: similar to TruthOut

TruthandPolitics.Org: another liberal site, similar to the preceding sites, with a focus on the US government.

The Progressive: an American online magazine,whose masthead states that it is "a leading voice for peace and social justice since 1909".

Real Clear Politics: especially good for up to date political polling (US).

Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Everything. A web 'blog' by Steven D. Levitt (Economics, University of Chicago)and Stephen J. Dubner, authors of the famous book of this same name. Not a 'news' or 'current affairs' web-site, but a site of well informed and interesting comments on current economic issues (even when they do not appear to be 'economic' in nature).

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