Professor John Munro passed away on December 23, 2013. This site is maintained and kept online as an archive. For more infomation please visit the Centre for Medieval Studies

Professor John H. Munro
Department of Economics
University of Toronto
150 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G7


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Updated on 14 February 2013

My Home Page has been designed primarily for my own students, but also for the general academic community at the University of Toronto. It may prove to be useful as well to my academic colleagues across the world, especially to fellow economic historians. At the same time, of course, many features of my Home Page are designed to assist me as well in my own research: providing research sources, statistical and other data, and many search engines. Please note that, for copyright reasons, several web links on this Home Page are available only to those at the University of Toronto, using a university-based internet connection. But I intend that all of my research data and may own publications listed and linked to this web site be freely avaialble to the world, under the desire conditions of 'Open Access'.

This assertion of copyright applies to all of my own personal research and course-related materials that follow; and therefore it does not include all those materials taken from other web-sites accessed by links on this Home Page.

My permission is not required to cite or to utilize such personal materials on this website, for one's own personal use, provided that the URL website source, with my name, is specifically acknowledged. For the Working Papers listed below, please note the Department of Economics' own Copyright restrictions on their use.

Documents and files are posted on this Home Page in some or all of the following formats: HTML [Hyper Text Mark-Up Language]; PDF [Portable Document File]; and Microsoft Word. But some are available only in HTML or only in PDF.

To view the PDF documents on this Home Page, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software , which is available free of charge. Accessible links to other web documents or web sites are to be found only in HTML- formatted documents; but the PDF documents are generally much clearer and easier to read, especially if they contain tables.

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