Professor John Munro passed away on December 23, 2013. This site is maintained and kept online as an archive. For more infomation please visit the Centre for Medieval Studies

Professor John H. Munro
Department of Economics
University of Toronto
150 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G7

Updated: 24 April 2013


The Economic History of Modern Europe to 1914

ECO 303Y1: Previous Final Examinations, Mid-Year (January) Take-Home Tests, and Year-End Reviews

The mid-tests and Final Examinations are available online, in both PDF and MS - WORD formats

Note the following academic years in which this course was not given:

(1) 2000 - 2001: when I was on sabbatical leave (my last leave before mandatory retiremnet).

(2) 2009 - 2010: after I had begun offering my two economic history courses in alternate years only.

(3) 2011 - 2012: ECO 303Y not offered in this academic year, but offered again in 2012-2013.

Mid Year Tests in ECO 303Y, from 1999:

Final Examinations in ECO 303Y, from 1999:

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