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Professor (Emeritus) John H. Munro passed away December 23, 2013

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Updated: 14 September 2012


The Economic History of Modern Europe to 1914: A & B LIST ESSAY TOPICS

For the academic year from September 2012 to April 2013

The bibliography lists and the individual bibliographies, in both short and long versions, are accessible in both html and pdf formats. But in order to retrieve the individual bibliographies you must use the hmtl files below, for the A and B essay topics, below, given in both the short and long formats. Within each list chosen, click on the highlighted and underlinded topic, in either the html or pdf format. Since it is not possible to download such files from a pdf document, no pdf version of these bibliographies is provided below. On the other hand, from the html lists below you are best advised to select the pdf version of the bibliograpy files, since the text and layout of the bibliographies are much clearer in that format; and indeed the statistical appendices can generally be read only in pdf format. Bibliographies in the short-format, usually in two pages, contain the key readings and a few questions to guide you in formulating your essays.

Formats and Other General Observations . Also in pdf format .

Essay Bibliographies for "A" AND "B" LIST TOPICS IN ECO 303Y1: The Economic History of Modern Europe, to 1914

Other Bibliographies for European Economic History, 1200 - 1914

See also EH.Net [Economic History Network] Recommended list of readings in European Economic History , prepared by Professor Timothy Guinanne of Yale University (for EH.Teach).

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