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MFE Tuition

Tuition & Incidental Fees 2018/2019

Fees for the Master of Financial Economics are for a period of 1.5 years or 16 months. The first year tuition fees cover a 12 month study term including summer, for the period starting mid-August through to late August the following year. Second year fees cover the final fall term.

Domestic Tuition   International Tuition
Academic Year 2018-19
Academic year 2018-19
First year
fall/spr 2018-19
First Year
fall/spr 2018-19
Second Year
fall 2019
Second Year
fall 2019
Total 2018-19 domestic fees
Total 2018-19 visa fees

Ancillary Fees

The program has additional ancillary fees to recover goods and services costs which are necessary for students' professional development. Charges for 2018-19 are $1,348 in year one, and $568 in Year 2. The breakdown is illustrated below.

Ancillary Fees (2018-19)
Year One Year Two
Placement Fee
795 568
Business Cards/Name Tags
35 --
Workshops - Accounting Review and Marquee Financial Modelling
518 --
1,348 568


Incidental Fees

Incidental fees are not included in the figures above. These fees range from $1500-1600. For your second year of study, these fees are pro-rated to one academic session. Full-time students are not charged summer fees. Incidental fees are broken down as follows:

Incidental Fees (2018-19)
Year One Year Two
Campus fees
870 435
Society fees
664 332
Student Life and System Access
55 55
1,589 822

Refer to this link for further information concerning these fees.

University Health Insurance Plan

A University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) premium of CDN $624 per year (2018/2019 UHIP Premium) is added to the account of all international students. UHIP is compulsory for all international students as well as recent permanent residents and returning Canadian citizens who are in their three-month OHIP wait period.

Non-Refundable Deposit

A $2,500 non-refundable deposit is required upon acceptance of the offer of admission to the Master of Financial Economics Program. This deposit is applied to your first term program fee.