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MFE Recruitment/Outcomes

Full Time Placement

MFE students graduate in early June two years after their year of entry. They are typically 100% fully placed 4 months after graduation date in asset & risk management, business & economic consultancy, economic & financial research, investment & corporate banking, quantitative finance, sales & trading and finance programs. MFE students' current average full time base salary post-graduation is $75,000 per annum.

MFE 2018 Full Time Placement Outcome: 86% (25/28) Salary: 75-130k; [Updated: November 26, 2018] 1 student = no response; 1 student = fall 2018/winter 2019 internships
MFE 2017 Full Time Placement Outcome: 100% (21/21) Salary: 75-120k - One student in PhD [Updated: Mar 21, 2017]
  • Bank of Canada Analyst, Funds Mgmt. & Banking
  • BMO Capital Markets Analyst, Corporate Banking (x2)
  • BMO Capital Markets Analyst, Trading Products (x2)
  • CIBC Asset Management Analyst, Portfolio Construction
  • CPPIB Analyst, Active Equities
  • CPPIB Analyst, Portfolio Management
  • IMCO Analyst, Portfolio Construction
  • National Bank Analyst, Investment Banking
  • Novantas Associate
  • OTPP Rotational Analyst, Capital Markets (x2)
  • Purpose Investments Analyst
  • RBC Associate, GRM (2x)
  • RBC Capital Markets Manager, Portfolio Analysis
  • ScotiabankAssociate, Sales & Trading
  • Scotiabank Associate, GRM
  • Scotiabank Associate, Trade Floor Risk Mgmt.
  • Scotiabank Manager, Enterprise Wide Stress Testing
  • Scotiabank Analyst, Corporate Banking
  • Self Employed Trader
  • TD Bank Analyst, Risk Management
  • TD Bank Economist
  • BMO Capital Markets Analyst, Investment Banking (x2)
  • BMO Capital MarketsAssociate, Sales & Trading
  • Brattle Group Research Analyst, Economics
  • Caisse de Depot Analyst, Research
  • CEM Benchmarking Senior Analyst, Investment Mgmt.
  • Charles River & Associates Associate, Consulting
  • CIBC World Markets Associate, GMRP
  • CPPIB Analyst, Rotational Program
  • Fontainburg Analyst, Investment Banking
  • J.P. Morgan, NYC Associate, Sales & Trading
  • Mackenzie Investments Associate, Investment Mgmt.
  • Ministry of InfrastructureEconomist, Infra. Analytics
  • OTPP Analyst, Portfolio Construction
  • RBC Associate, Risk Management Credit
  • RBC Analyst, Principal Credit Trading
  • RBC Capital Markets Associate, Credit Risk
  • Scotiabank Associate, Sales & Trading
  • ScotiabankManager, CM Stress Testing
  • Scotiabank Manager, Global Risk Management
  • TD Bank Associate, Risk Management

Past Graduates have been hired by the following firms: