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MFE Students

As an MFE student, you’ll not only be exposed to the academic rigors of a highly selective program, but you’ll also be part of a community of students dedicated to economics and finance. Within the small group of students, you’ll quickly become friends with everyone right off the bat. It’s hard not to get to know each other really well as you sit through Math Camp, attend Professional Development (PD) courses, spend sleepless nights in the MFE suite, working on five projects at once, and relax at Einstein’s (the local watering hole). Don’t be surprised if you get caught up in a debate about the European Crisis, the success (read: “failures”) of the Federal Reserve, or whether BlackBerry is a terrible investment.

As an MFE student, you’ll be invited to compete in finance competitions such as the National Investment Banking Competition and the Rotman International Trading Competition. You can get involved by joining the MFE Students’ Association or becoming an author of the Daily Roll, a completely student-run financial markets newsletter. You’ll be invited to economics & finance lecture series across Toronto. Whatever you want to do, you’ll find other students who are interested in doing it too!

Don’t think it’s all studying though. A ‘Day in the Life’ of an MFE student is completely what you make it. You’ll make long-lasting friendships with your peers and develop great relationships with alumni, your professors, and other students across the university.

MFE students