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Master of Financial Economics Program (MFE)

Frequently Asked Questions about the MFE Program

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  1. Do I Need To Have A Four Year Undergraduate Degree In Order To Be Eligible?
  2. Am I Eligible To Apply If I Still In School And Have Not Completed My Degree Before The Application Deadline?
  3. Is It Possible To Attend MFE Part-Time?
  4. Do Applicants Must Have Some Working Experience Before Applying For The MFE?
  5. Are Industry Certifications A Requirement For The MFE Program?
  6. How Are My Grades Assessed?
  7. Is It Possible For Applicants With A Bachelor Degree In A Field Other Than Economics Or Finance To Be Accepted Into The MFE Program?
  8. Does The MFE Accept Transfer Or Exchange Students?
  9. If One Of The Language Test Components Is Lower Than The Minimum Requirement, Can I Still Apply?
  10. What Should The Statement Of Interest/Letter Of Intent Say?
  11. What If My Official Documents Are Late In Arriving – Will My File Still Be Assessed?
  12. What Kind Of Reference Letters Is The MFE Program Looking For: From Professors Who Know Me Well, From Professors Who Have A High Reputation Or From Professors Who Teach Finance Courses?
  13. How To Proceed If I Am Reapplying To The MFE Program?
  14. When Can I Expect A Decision?
  15. Your pre-application course requirements do not include a university-level course in Finance. Isn't preparation in Finance useful, and if so, why is it not a requirement?
  16. . I am not certain that I fully understand all of your pre-application course requirements. Can you be more explicit?
  17. After reading the preceding answer, I am still not certain whether I satisfy your pre-application course requirements. Can I send you a copy of my academic transcript and have you review it prior to my making an application?