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MFE Employers

1. Internship Recruitment: Summer (formal), Fall or Winter (alternate)

An internship is an avenue for you to employ our students' analytical/research/technical/teamwork skills and economics/finance knowledge to short-term roles or projects in your company, and to consider them for future employment. Through it, our students gain valuable work experience, discover their strengths and interests, and make informed choices regarding their second-year courses and future careers.

Note: (1) As the MFE is a recognized co-op program by the Province of Ontario, by hiring one of our students, employers are eligible for the Ontario Co-Operative Education Tax Credit. (2) Though our formal internship period is the summer (May-Aug) term, our students sometimes assume additional internships in the subsequent fall (Sep-Dec) term, and/or the winter (Jan-April) term after that.

If you are considering our MFE students for your prospective opportunity, please note the following:

(a) Timeline: For Summer (May-Aug), we recommend that you post positions by Jan-Mar (or sooner) and conduct interviews before mid-April. We recommend that you post fall (Sep-Dec) positions with us in June-July, and winter (Jan-Dec) positions in October-November.

(b) Process: (1) Please email the Program Officer a job description in PDF or Word specifying the work required, aptitude, qualities, skills, the start/end dates of the opportunity, remuneration, application instructions, and other details which consider important. We will post this on our internal job site, ask students to apply, and send you the application link on the closing date. Once you have narrowed candidates for interviews, you may either reach out directly to them, or coordinate their interviews with us (at your space or ours, pending availability).

(c) Hiring: Your company should have its own hiring processes, employment contracts, and acceptable health & safety standards in place. If you have any questions concerning this, please let us know.

(d) Resume Book: We release to employers, the electronic resume book of our first-year students as early as late September. The resume book is updated throughout the academic year. Please email us at mfe@utoronto.ca to request a copy.

2. Full-Time Recruitment

Recent graduates bring enthusiams, adaptiability and the ability to learn quickly. MFE graduates also offer very strong analytical/quantitative/ research-based economic and finance knowledge, training and skill set, and business case applications. Our students are able to leverage the learning through the summer internships in their full-time opportunities.

(a) Timeline: We can post recruiting opportunities anytime appropriate for your hiring needs. Full-time campus recruitment typically takes place between September through November. Graduating MFE students complete program requirements in late December, and can start work full-time as early as the following January. The official convocation date is the following (early) June.

(b) Process/Hiring: The process for hiring a graduating student is the same as with internship recruiting, mentioned 1.(b) and (c) above.

(c) Resume book: As a prospective employer, at any time you may request a copy (mfe@utoronto.ca) of the electronic resume book of our graduating students for full-time hiring. The resume book which reflects the summer internships is updated by late August.

See the Employer's Guide for more information. Contact Ayesha Alli, Program Officer at mfe@utoronto.ca or 416-978-8623.