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MFE Employers

Prospective Employers

1. Summer Internship Recruitment

An internship is a great avenue for you to utilize our students' analytical/research/technical skills, and economics/finance knowledge for appropriate roles in your company or summer projects. It provides our students with valuable work experience and it helps students discover their own strengths and interests so that they can make informed choices in their second-year courses as well as their future careers.

(a) Timeline: The Summer Internship period in the MFE program takes places in the months May through August. Employers will typically post summer positions between the months of January through March, and conduct interviews before mid-to-late April, in anticipate of a May 1st start date.

(b) Process: If you have an internship opportunity for our MFE students, then please contact the Program Officer. Our process is simple -

(1) You should have a position in mind, and should have an idea of aptitude/qualities/skills/ or 'fit' for the role or roles which you are looking to fill. Please also specify the start and end date of the opportunity, remuneration, application instructions, and any other details which you feel is important. Please send this information via email or in Word or PDF format - this will comprise the job posting which will be circulated to our students.

(2) Please consult the Program Coordinator about coordinating applications and interviews. Our program can submit applications to you by the specified deadline date via a weblink or as a PDF file. Once you have selected your top-ranked candidates, we can book interviews rooms for you in one of our department's boardrooms, or you can choose to interview the students at your location.

(3) Your company should have its own hiring processes and contracts in place, however please contact us should you require advice in this area.

(c) Notes for Employers:

(1) The MFE program is a recognized educational co-op program by the Government of Ontario. By hiring one of our students, Employers are eligible for the Ontario Co-Operative Education Tax Credit.

(2) Since the Internship is a program requirement, our International Students have no difficulty attaining work permits for the internship months. Additionally, after graduation, international students are eligible to receive a post-graduation work permit which will allow them to work sixteen months after graduation. More details can be found here.

(d) Resume Book: As a prospective employer, at any time you can request the resume book our first-year students who are seeking summer internships. The resume book is prepared for the incoming students beginning in late August, and gets updated throughout the academic year. The program coordinator will email you the resumes via a weblink or in PDF format.

2. Full-Time Recruitment

Recent graduates have a lot to offer to organizations by way of enthusiasm, flexibility, adaptability, and a steep learning curve. MFE graduates offer very strong analytical/quantitative aptitudes/skill sets, education and training in global economics perspectives, and finance and capital markets knowledge. Employers may also choose to hire their MFE intern into a full-time postion after the internship opportunity.

(a) Timeline: Full-time recruitment typically takes place between the months September through November. Graduating MFE students complete the requirements of the MFE program at the end of December, and are available to work full-time starting the following January. The official convocation date for this cohort is the following (early) June.

(b) Process: The process for hiring a graduating student is the same as with internship recruiting, mentioned 1.(b) above.

(c) Resume book: As a prospective employer, at any time you can request the resume book of our graduating students who are seeking full-time opportunities. The resume book is updated in late August, towards the end of the students' internship term. The program coordinator will email you the graduating students' resumes via a weblink or in PDF format.

For any details concerning internships or full-time recruitment, please contact Ayesha Alli, Program Officer at mfe@economics.utoronto.ca or 416-978-8623. For further information, please download the MFE Employer's Guide.