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Daily Roll


The Daily Roll is a daily financial market summary report which includes data and commentary on contemporary financial events, global equities, commodities, US and Canadian interest rates and currencies. This publication, the creation of MFE alumnus, Tyler Parrent, is maintained by select students in subsequent cohorts of the Master of Financial Economics program, University of Toronto. The publication’s outreach is currently over 1600, and reaches students in undergraduate and masters’-level Canadian finance and economics programs. Current and past publications of the daily roll can be accessed here. Anyone can request being added to the Daily Roll listserv. Please email dailyroll@economics.utoronto.ca to subscribe to the Daily Roll.

Here are the Daily Roll editors:


Class of 2020

  Jack (John) Evans Mikayla Schoel Sylvia (Yao) Su
Class of 2019

  Alex Recio Andreanne Deslippe Tanner Dolynny
Class of 2018

  Adrienne Macdonald Olivia (Jieheng) Ding Omar Abdelrahman
Class of 2017

  Christopher Hau Shi Da Liu Harry (Da) Chen Samuel Simurda
Class of 2016

  Radu Dragomir Mark Belisle Kathleen Glofcheskie  
Class of 2015

  Tony Wu Wendy Ren Luke Ostapiak  
Class of 2014

Dipanker Acharya-Koirala

Jan Varsava

Class of 2013

Chris Dewey

Calum Macbeth

Chris Watson

Class of 2012

Tyler Parrent