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MFE Alumni


The Master of Financial Economics program officially began giving degrees in 2003. Its first two cohorts comprised of less than ten students, and today the program maintains an enrolment capped at 25. The program’s alumni network, comprising of over 300, is an active, tightly-knit and supportive group. Alumni participate in professional and networking events promoted by the program and liaise regularly with current students. Common events attended by the alumni members include the Fall Networking Reception, the December Holiday Party, the March Berkowitz lecture, and other ad hoc networking events. Alumni also actively deliver sessions in the program’s Professional Development Course, lead mock interviews, and act as professional mentors to current students.

Representatives are assigned to keep track of their graduating cohorts. The MFE Alumni Network also has a President and Board Chair. Notable members include:

  Lindsay Scott President
  Sandy Mackay Chair
  Nadine Abouseif Representative, Class of 2017
  Felix Wong Representative, Class of 2016
  Gleb Sivitsky Representative, Class of 2015
  Jean-Philippe Garant Representative, Class of 2014
  Eric Wilson Representative, Class of 2013
  Martina Chausheva Representative, Class of 2012
  Jonathan Khan Representative, Class of 2011
  Stephen Doxey Representative, Class of 2010
  Rita Ahmadyar Shekeba Representative, Class of 2009
  Ian Vickers Representative, Class of 2008
  Oliver Ruta Representative, Class of 2007
  Noureen Shah Representative, Class of 2006
  Andrew Heald Representative, Class of 2005

If you are an alumnus and would like to get in touch with any of the alumni representative, or would like to receive a copy of the most recent alumni list, please contact the Program Officer at mfe@utoronto.ca. (This list if confidential and is circulated only to members of this network.)

The program has facilitated a number of forums to apprise its members of on-goings, and to permit two-way communication:

  1. The ‘Official Master of Financial Economics, UofT Alumni Network’ LinkedIn Group:

    This forum is open only to MFE alumni, students and faculty. Currently there are 210 members connected and growing. If you fall within one of the above mentioned groups, please send a request to the MFE Coordinator to join the forum on LinkedIn.

    This open forum permits members to share professional opportunities and post discussions to individuals or to the entire group. The Program Coordinator uses this forum to notify members of job opportunities, program events, to post notifications and career-related articles.

  2. The ‘MFE Alumni and Current Students’ group on Facebook:

    This forum is open only to MFE students, alumni and faculty. Current membership is 189 and growing. If you fall within one of the above-mentioned groups, please send a request to the program coordinator to join.

    This open forum allows members to post discussions with each other or individually. The Program Coordinator also notifies members of events, receives RSVPs for the same, shares career-related articles, informs of job opportunities and program on-goings in this forum.

  3. MFE Alumni Listserv:
  4. The Program Coordinator maintains the alumni listserv, and regularly circulates job postings, and information on networking events, and happenings in the program. If members would like to share job or professional opportunities, or submit information to the alumni network, they may email information to the Program Coordinator at mfe@utoronto.ca, who will circulate it to the listserv.

    Alumni members are encouraged to ensure that the program receives their most current contact and job details. Job information is also compiled in general reporting on employment industries/areas used in the program recruitment guides.

  5. MFEAA Newsletter
  6. The Alumni President releases the Annual MFEAA Newsletter every fall, typically in the month of November. The newsletter comments on on-goings in the MFE program, on students’ successes with respect to  competitions, summer internship and full-time recruitment, and as well, faculty successes. The newsletter also circulates the most recent alumni contact list.

    Alumni Newsletter Annual Reviews: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

    If you are an alumnus and are not receiving a copy of the newsletter, please contact the Program Coordinator, to ensure your position and contact details are up-to-date.     

  7. Getting involved and Giving Back
  8. The Professional Development Course

    The program’s successes are in part due to the support and participation from members of the alumni networking who have placed an active role in networking, recruitment, and professional development activities. The program invites continued participation in the same, particular in the Professional Development Course, either through the delivery of sessions, through mock interviews or mentorship meetings with students. If interested in participation in any of these, please notify the Program Coordinator.

  9. The MFE Alumni Award
  10. In September 2015, the MFE program launched an MFE Alumni and Friends (Admissions) Award which will be used to recruit our very top applicants into the program. Our targetted goal of $50,000 will earn a yearly endowment of $4000.

    We welcome your support in helping us achieve our goals. Pease visit here to make a secure online donation.