Robert Gazzale

Dept of Economics
University of Toronto

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An oh-so-brief bio o' Bob

Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Toronto.
Previously, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Williams College.
PhD, Department of Economics, Unversity of Michigan.
BSFS, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.
Native New Yorker (more specifically, the borough of cemeteries).
Husband of Barbara Tran.

Tashi introduced me to running. I used to primarily run trails, but now I find myself most often running and racing on roads, and a proud member of Longboat Roadrunners, Toronto's premier running club.

My friend Damijan took some awesome photos at the 2013 New York City Marathon.

My running log (started May 29, 2011) suggests somewhat of an addiction:

Running Log powered by RunningAHEAD

Professional Stuff o' Bob

Experimental Economics:
Economic Science Association: a professional organization.
Vecon Lab: good on-line experiments.
Y2K Bibliography of Experimental Economics: name says it all.
Al Roth's game theory and experimental economics pages.
z-Tree: software package for programming economics experiments.

Economics of the Internet, broadly defined:
The Information Economy: perhaps a little dated . . .
Lawrence Lessig: if this stuff doesn't get you worked up . . .
Economics of Networks: if you like little icons that spin . . .

Apple: For some reason, I no longer feel that cool.
TeXShop: This is how I LaTeX.
BibDesk: BibTeX-bibliography manager for Mac OS X. Sweet.
Dropbox: Still trying to figure out how I survived without it.
SubEthaEdit: This is how I code.
Google Notebook: A failed attempt to organize my life.
Todo for iPad: The latest attempt to organize my life.
Tex Touch for iPad: LaTeX. iPad. And the skeptics said it couldn't be done.
Brad DeLong: The economist who ought to have a NYT OpEd column.
See Spot Shine: Training for dogs and their humans. Okay, maybe not a professional link.
See Spot Shine Blog: Barbara Tran's thoughts on all things dog. Okay, maybe not a professional link.