Robert Gazzale

Dept of Economics
University of Toronto

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An oh-so-brief bio o' Bob

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Economics, University of Toronto.
Previously, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Williams College.
PhD, Department of Economics, Unversity of Michigan.
BSFS, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.
Native New Yorker (more specifically, the borough of cemeteries).
Husband of Barbara Tran. Dog father.

Tashi introduced me to running. I used to primarily run trails, but now I find myself most often running and racing on roads, and a proud member of Longboat Roadrunners, Toronto's premier running club.

My friend Damijan took some awesome photos at the 2013 New York City Marathon. His monthly mix of the best new indie music, keeps me somewhat hip.

My running log (started May 29, 2011) suggests somewhat of an addiction:

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